Natural Ways To Lighten Your Skin

Lighten Your Skin

Lighten Your Skin

Are you unhappy with your dark skin tone? Do you desire to have a lighter or a fairer skin? If yes, then instead of running after fairness creams, just read below and find out some natural ways by which you can lighten your skin color.

The famous phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’ is often heard than practiced. However, if you want to fulfill your desire of attaining a fair and a flawless skin, then you must prevent your skin from the harmful effects of sun and environment.

Apply a protective layer of sunscreen lotion or cream on your skin before moving out in sun. This will prevent tanning and darkening of skin.

Sunscreen lotion

Exfoliating skin using natural scrubbers can be a good way of lightening your skin. All you need to do is to prepare a scrubber at home using oatmeal, honey, brown sugar and milk. You need to mix all these ingredients to form a paste which can be used for exfoliating skin.


Lemon is well known as a natural agent for lightening skin color. You can make a homemade mask by mixing lemon juice with tomato and cucumber juice. Apply this paste on your face for some time and then see the difference in your skin color.

Lemon Juice

When you buy fairness creams from markets, you should ensure that the cream consists of some natural and safe lightening agents like papain and licorice. Papain is found in papaya and it is for this reason that papaya soaps are said to be beneficial in naturally lightening skin’s color. Avoid going in for products which have harmful chemicals in them. Have a healthy diet, avoid alcohol consumption and smoking, and stay away from excessive stress and strain to have a naturally healthy and a fair skin.

Healthy Diet


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