Natural Ways to Heal Pimples


No one wants to move around with pimples which look ugly and unhygienic. You might have tried various creams and lotions in vain thereby getting dejected and depressed. However, instead of exposing your skin to so many chemicals, try some natural healing ways which can help you to effectively get rid of pimples. Given below are such healing tips.

Did you know that toothpastes which help you attain a sparkling shine can help you get rid of pimples too? Yes, you heard it right.  Apply small drops of toothpaste on to your pimples at night and wash it off in morning to feel the difference. Keep your face clean by removing any dirt from it. You should use glycerin or sorbitol soap for washing your face. However, do not over wash your face as that too is harmful. After washing your face, apply tea tree oil to your face. This will allow you to get rid of the bacteria on your face that cause you to have pimples. Never pick your pimples as that will lead to more pimples on your face eventually leading to acne scars. Thus, in an attempt to immediately get rid of pimples, you might invite other problems on your face. Pimples can be caused by excessive use of makeup too. Thus, do not apply excessive makeup and also wash your face before going to sleep. Healthy food does not only help you attain healthy body but healthy skin too. Avoid or at least limit those food items which have high contents of sugar or saturated fats. Instead, your diet must comprise of fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts.  Similarly, drink plenty of water to naturally clean your skin.

Follow these simple and effective tips to naturally attain a pimple free skin.

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  • I’m 13, I am suffering from all body acne. Chest, Back, And face. I need help. I’ve been to the dermatoligist. Nothing is working for me. My acne has calmed down a bit though. However, I have severe scaring. I am very pale. The tanning lotions irratate my skin and turns me orange. Tanning beds scare me to bad. I need help. I can’t live a normal teenage life. For example: Swimming, Tank tops, holidays, and more. Please give me some answers.