Natural Ways To Get Rid of Toothache

Get Rid of Toothache

Get Rid of Toothache

Toothaches can be really painful, often disrupting the smooth functioning of life. A decayed tooth and tooth cavity can cause immense pain. Thus, it is always advisable to be aware of some home remedies and natural ways of bidding farewell to the unwanted toothache. This article intends to throw light on such useful natural remedies.

When suffering from toothache, just take a clove of garlic, add some salt, and place it on the aching tooth. Similarly, relief from toothache can also be sought from the easily available household item, potato. Just slice a piece of potato and apply it on the affected sore tooth to get relief from toothache. Most of us have heard of the benefits of clove during toothaches. It has antiseptic properties and all you need to do is to apply clove oil on the affected tooth.

Slice A Piece of Potato

Most of us like guava. Ever tried out guava leaves? Well, if you are suffering from toothache, then chewing leaves of guava tree can help. If your mouth is infected by germs, leading to cavities and toothaches, then chewing raw onion for about 3 minutes can help you.

Guava Leaves

Since a majority of toothaches are a result of tooth cavities which in turn is a result of improper diet and hygiene, one should take care of these factors to prevent it. Don’t simply binge on chocolates and sweets. Limit your sugar intake to keep your teeth in a healthy condition. Instead, make friends with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Avoid Chocolates and Sweets

They will not only keep your teeth healthy but also aid in your overall health. Similarly, your teeth require calcium and vitamin C for staying strong. Thus, never ignore your mother’s advice of having milk and calcium rich diet for strong teeth and bones.

Follow the above given tips to naturally deal with the problem of toothaches.