Natural Ways to Control Sneezing


Sneezing Are you one of those who suffer from frequent episodes of sneezing? Do you tend to sneeze continuously even if a small pollen grain or dust irritates your nose?

If your answer to these questions is in the affirmative, then you must be aware of the discomfort that is associated with sneezing. This article will provide you some natural ways by which you can control sneezing.

Usually, sneezing is an indication of some allergic reaction. If you are prone to frequent episodes of sneezing, then it is necessary that you find out the allergen responsible for it and take necessary preventive action. After all, ‘prevention is better than cure’.

You can prevent yourself from cold, flu, and sneezing by strengthening your immune system. Intake of Vitamin C is particularly beneficial. You can provide your body with Vitamin C through intake of citrus fruits and vegetables and you can also take Vitamin C supplements if required.

You might be fond of pets but you should first ensure that you are not allergic to pets. This is because there are many people who suffer from continuous sneezing episodes as a result of an allergic reaction to pets.

If you are suffering from red and swollen nose and the discomfort of sneezing, then here are some natural remedies that can provide you relief. Have a cup of hot tea; herbal teas are the best. This will help in soothing your throat along with providing you relief from sneezing.

There is a kind of tingle which you feel just before the occurrence of a sneeze. When you feel that tingle, pinch the tip of your nose. This can help in controlling a sneeze. Similarly, deep breathing can also help.

Follow the above given tips to naturally prevent and control the problem of sneezing.

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