Natural Ways Of Removing Body Hair

Natural Ways Of Removing Body Hair

Removing Body Hair

There’s nothing more unsightly than hair showing on a woman’s face especially when the market is flooded with numbers of hair removable creams and bleaches. You can even visit saloons for the purpose of getting your waxing done. But do you know even easy homely remedies can help you in that by use of natural stuffs. So, here’s how you can beat the hair monster naturally-just read on!

You can always use the traditional mixture of besan and turmeric powder (haldi) with a little amount of water on your face for getting rid of facial hairs. Believe me, this method have been used by women since ages for getting their hair removed. You must have heard this from your granny’s too. Even mothers use this way for their new born babies to remove the excess body hair from his/her baby’s body.


Do you know that lemon is natural bleach? You can mix lemon juice and honey in equal proportions to make a thick paste. Applying this paste on your face for 15 minute greatly helps in lightening the facial hair.


While bathing, using a pumice stone for a gentle scrubbing also acts as a great easy way of removing body hair. But make sure you use pumice stone with a soap otherwise it may cause scratches or marks on your skin. This method reduces your hair growth over a period of time and also helps in getting rid of ingrowths.

Gentle Scrubbing

If you quite hygiene conscious and uncertain about the effects of commercial wax that are available easily in various cosmetics shops, then you can even prepare a home wax all by yourself. For preparing wax at home, you need lemon, sugar and honey. Mix them together in a bowl and microwave it for few minutes. The wax will be ready to be used regularly.

Lemon, Sugar And Honey


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