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Tendonitis The word Tendonitis is derived from tendons which are fibrous tissues in the body. The inflammation of these tendons is what we call Tendonitis. This is one of the simplest definitions that can be given to this health crisis. Along with inflammation you will experience irritation in the affected area and there is severe pain whenever you try to make any movement. Usually when enough nutrients or blood is not circulated in certain parts of the tendons, it can lead to such a suffering.

Also, there can be a variety of workouts or exercises that might stress on certain tendons of the body causing inflammation. You might also want to note down, that tendonitis is one of the common problems in middle adulthood and age bar 40-60 years.

There are many of us who would want to consult a professional or a doctor for the purpose and treatment of tendonitis. However, natural treatment and remedies are always a much better option to consider than medicines and drugs.

There are well researched tips and treatments that are available for the patient where tendonitis is concerned. These are totally safe and effectual as well as reasonable. However, to make things easier for you, here is a health guide that jots down all the home remedies and natural cures that you can easily adhere to for tendonitis without being skeptical and any second thoughts.

How to Treat Tendonitis Naturally

Cold Compress or Warm Compress

You can either opt for a completely cold compress on the affected area or a warm compress depending upon what you are more comfortable with. Both are equally effective in treating the stress on the tendons and reduce pain.

Cold Compress

An ice pack or a heating pad will do the wonders for you. However, you should alternatively follow a 20 minutes compress and then another 20 minute break and repeat it 2-3 times in a day. Not only does it gives relieve from pain but also from the swelling that inflammation causes.

Fish Oil Supplements

Omega fatty acids are a great way to deal with any form of inflammation in the body, internally or externally. You can either adhere to fish oil supplements and capsules for consumption or else apply and gently massage pure fish oil in the affected part until and unless it is absorbed by the skin. They have high levels of omega fatty acids. Adhere to other sources of omega fatty acids in your diet as well.

Rest and Proper Sleep

To give rest and reduce stress on the tendons it is very essential that you take proper rest and sleep at least for eight hours at night. This will trigger the healing process to a great extent. It is very important to give some rest to the tissues to cure inflammation.


One of the effective methods that is completely safe on the body and that has a treatment for all kinds of health conditions is acupuncture. However, you should be well aware about the main pressure points that should be pressed in the case of tendonitis. It is best recommended that you hire a professional for the same. They will help you get relief in a couple of days with their sheer experience.

Adhere to Homeopathy

A natural way to subside the pain and swelling of tendonitis is to adhere to homeopathy solutions and medicines. According to researches, they are considered to be the most natural medicine available.

Adhere to Homeopathy

The science of homeopathy is in effect for centuries now and has been known for giving ideal outcomes. Though the process is a little slow, but the results are definitely worth waiting.

Bring a Change in the Activities

While suffering from tendonitis you can be expecting to carry on your heavy activities like you used to. It is very essential to bring a change in your activity pattern till the problem completely subsides. All the exercises, heavy movements and sports should be stayed away from if you don’t want to aggravate the situation further.

Simple exercises like walking and yoga should be avoided as well. To gain mobility, you need to give your body a couple of weeks after facing tendonitis.

Herbs for Tendonitis

There are various herbs that help in a natural way to cure the problem and do not leave behind any ugly or adverse side effects. However, no matter which herb you plan to stick to, consulting a herbalist is one of the general things that you need to do.

They will suggest you with the right dosage as well as make sure that you take the right herb suiting your conditions and severity. The herbs that really help in treating tendon inflammation include white willow, devil’s claw, bromelain and boswellia.

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Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is yet another food product straight from the refrigerator that helps in treating inflammation of all kinds. The healing properties in ginger make it a top most natural product for curing innumerable health crises.

One of the many is tendonitis that can be cured by using ginger in all forms. You can either have high concentrated ginger tea or even chew a piece of ginger in the mouth everyday. Ginger cookies, ginger biscuits and ginger supplements are also helpful to some extent.

Turmeric and its Advantage

Curicumin is the active ingredient in turmeric that is known to cure inflammation problems.


Make sure you include this advantageous spice in your daily diet or meals for maximum benefits on tendonitis. You can even have low fat milk with a little turmeric in it to see how well it helps in the condition.

Be Stress Free

A little deep breathing and some aromatherapy can help you reduce the stress not only mentally but also physically. Try and remain stress free of you want to stimulate the treatment of tendonitis.

A Professional Massage

The affected area can be massaged gently to improve the blood circulation there. However, this is something that should only be done by a professional massage specialist and not on your own. Get a check up if the problem persists.

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