Natural Remedies For Dark Circles


A patch of dark circles under one’s eyes can hamper one’s beauty and lead to one looking old, ill and aged. They are mainly caused by lack of sleep, stress, depression, dehydration and nutritional deficiencies. The best healing methods for dark circles are the natural, home made one’s as they lead to a safer and a natural healing process.

Natural eye packs

• A thin, sliced cucumber can be applied on one’s eyes for 15-20 minutes. It helps relieving stress and strain which in turn leads to a reduction in dark circles.

• A paste can be made of fresh mint leaves by adding a few drops of lime juice in it. A daily use of this paste for 10-15 days can lead to the diminishing of dark circles.

• A mixture of lemon and tomato juice should be applied on the eyes twice a day as it serves as a good home remedy for dark circles.


One should consume at least two to three litres of water on a daily basis as it helps in flushing down the toxins from one’s body.

Healthy and a Nutritious Diet

A lack of nutrients in one’s body can lead to the formation of dark circles. One should eat a diet which consists of fresh fruits and vegetables and especially green leafy vegetables. Cereal crops such as oats, barley, wheat and millets should also be included in one’s diet.

Other methods

Apart from the above methods, one’s lifestyle also plays an important part in adding to one’s beauty quotient. A daily sleep of eight hours is essential for one’s body and eyes. Similarly, one should stay away from stress and strain as they lead to the formation of dark circles.

Moreover, a frequent wash of one’s face with cold water and soft soap is necessary to keep one’s skin fresh and cool and thus prevent it from any germs or bacteria. Yoga too plays an important role in preventing dark circles and thus retaining the glow of one’s skin.

Thus, one should make use of simple, natural and home made remedies to remain healthy and beautiful.

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  • shafaque

    m really fed up of my dark circles.wats d best n easiest homemade remedy 2 remove darkcircle forever.if u can den plz do help