Natural Face Packs For A Glowing Skin

natural face packs

In our busy lives, often we tend to ignore our skin and as a result skin looks dull and wrinkles, pigmentation etc. may soon follow. Spare a little time to pamper your skin and it can make a lot of difference to your looks.

Simple natural face packs made of things which are easily available in our home can be as good as the expensive beauty products available in the market.  The following face packs are quite easy to prepare and if used on a regular basis, they can help your skin look younger, healthier and radiant.

Honey – An excellent moisturiser which is suitable for all skin types. It keeps skin soft and blemish free. Mix with little lime juice and apply for about 20 minutes every day and it moisturises and lightens your skin tone. This can be applied to lips as well to keep it moisturised.

Avocado – The pulp of avocado can help keep the skin soft. Keep it on for about 20 minutes and wash with cold water. Apple pack- Peel the skin and grate half an apple. Mix with little milk and apply on face for 15 minutes . It helps to freshen up your skin.

Banana mask works wonders for skin by making it soft and supple. Mash half a banana and apply it all over face and neck. Once it dries up, reapply again. Gently massage with finger tips while washing off. Papaya fruit pulp can be used as a natural moisturiser and helps reduce formation of wrinkles.

The juice of cabbage leaves is effective in reducing the formation of wrinkles . Apply regularly on face and wash after 15 minutes. Watermelon juice helps to reduce blemishes on skin. For younger and brighter looking skin, mix sandal powder with little milk and rosewater and apply on face for about 20 minutes.

For a natural scrub, mix orange juice with milk and little oatmeal powder.  Keep on face for 20 minutes and massage with finger tips while washing off. This mask also helps lighten skin tone. Milk mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder, lime juice and little gram flour and applied on face for 15 minutes will help clean the skin and brings an instant glow to it.

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