Natural Diuretics for Health


Water retention is a medical problem that can be caused by various factors like hormonal fluctuations and kidney disorders amongst others. When water gets accumulated in the body, it leads to discomfort and an unnecessary gain in weight. Diuretics help the body to get rid of such unwanted fluids by causing an increase in urination. This article will throw light on some natural food items and products that have diuretic properties.

Celery seeds and parsley are natural food items that posses diuretic properties and thus help in keeping your body healthy and fit.

To naturally increase urination and reduce water retention in the body, you should include plenty of fruits in your diet. Some natural fruits and vegetables that act as diuretics include watermelon, papaya, cranberry, and cucumber.

If you suffer from the problem of water retention, then you should strictly limit the intake of sodium in your diet. Thus, avoid excessive intake of salty and spicy food items. Similarly, you should also avoid intake of sugary food items to avoid water retention in the body.

Potassium rich foods serve as beneficial natural diuretics. Thus, you should increase intake of food items like bananas, yogurt, tomatoes and apricots amongst others.

However, you should wisely plan your diet as excessive intake of potassium rich foods is also not too healthy. This is because excessive potassium in the body can lead to the medical problem of hyperkalemia.

Along with the above given natural diuretics, herbal teas too are beneficial for naturally treating the problem of water retention.  Similarly, other natural diuretics include food items like Brussels, oats, cabbage, and fennel amongst others. In addition, it has been found that vitamins like Vitamin B and C also serve as natural diuretics.

As shown above, have a well balanced and a healthy diet to naturally prevent and treat the problem of water retention in the body.

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