Natural Cure For Pinworms



As the name suggests, pinworms are small pin like worms which infest the intestinal tract of a person. Usually, school aged children and preschoolers are affected by this problem and it often leads to symptoms like anal or vaginal itching and irritation, fatigue and general weakness.

Given below are some natural home remedies and treatments for the prevention and treatment of pinworms.

The most important thing needed for natural cure and prevention of pinworm is good hygiene. Washing hands properly, especially after visiting public places like schools and gyms, wearing clean undergarments, and avoiding nail biting are some preventive measures. Do not unnecessarily put your fingers and hands in mouth, especially after touching your butts. This is because it leads to aggravation and further spread of infection.

Washing Hands Properly

Since pinworm is a contagious infection, you need to ensure extra cleanliness and hygienic measures. For instance, wash your bedding and clothing regularly and also clean everything that is related to the infected person so as to prevent spread of infection.


Along with taking preventive measures to prevent the recurrence of pinworm and to prevent the spread of infection to other people, there are also certain natural ways to treat it. Garlic is one such natural spice which has been used since ages for its healing properties. Consuming mashed garlic cloves with little honey added to it is helpful. Papaya seeds are another natural way of treating pinworms. Dried papaya seeds can be given with honey.

Dried Papaya Seeds

Little changes in your diet and lifestyle can help prevent and naturally treat this problem.  Increase your intake of high fiber foods like fresh vegetables so as to naturally get rid of pinworms. Additionally, restrict your intake of sugar. Follow these simple and natural treatments to effectively prevent and treat the problem of pinworms.

High Fiber Foods