Natural Cure For Pimples

Do you have to say no to a party or exclude yourself from a group photograph due to the red pimple on your face which is acting as a severe blot on your beauty and also on your regular lifestyle? Pimples are very common in teenagers due to hormonal changes and are also caused by eating fatty foods or due to excessive sweating. Whatever be the cause, the end result is a blemish on the face which everyone would like to get rid of as soon as possible. Some people face from a sudden spur of pimples which roughen up the skin along with irritating a person. If you are facing this problem, then don’t worry as you are not alone. Moreover, many natural remedies are available which would help you to attain a clear skin through a natural and safe method.

To get rid of pimples in a natural way, one should follow the given remedies:
• The first requirement demands proper skin hygiene through daily bath with a splash on the face.
• Apply Multani mati on face and remove it when dried with cold water. This would help in providing you with a blemish-free face.
• Lemon juice is very effective for the treatment of pimples. One should first grind spoonful lentil dal, half spoon rapeseeds and two almonds and add lemon juice in it to make a natural face pack for the treatment of pimples. Similarly, one can rub the internal skin of lemon stem in water and apply on pimples.
• Applying cucumber juice on face or tomato juice on pimples can be an effective remedy.
• Add onion juice in honey and apply on face.
• One can also make a healthy massage mixture for face by mixing turmeric and sandal powder in milk. Similarly, regular application of a mixture made by grinding two spoons of turmeric and half spoon katha with addition of butter can be used as an effective ointment for the treatment of pimples and acne.

By following the given natural remedies, one can get rid of pimples in a safe and effective way.

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