BALLET CORE This week I came over all “Swan Lake” at Gymbox Covent Garden as I undertook their “Ballet Barre” class. Don’t be mistaken, this wasn’t all light stretching and plies, ballet is notoriously hard core when it comes whooping you into shape and this class was no exception. Ballet Core With Ballet Core we started out on the mats strengthening our abs, then it was straight to the barre for a test of strength and agility in a series of back breaking, butt clenching exercises that would make grown men cry – and weak girls, like myself, weep! However, having never danced as a child and with “Black Swan” being my favourite movie I reveled in the novelty of it all – and chance to feel like I was re-enacting Natalie Portman’s training regime! There’s something incredibly satisfying about a challenging workout that really pushes you and surprisingly when it came to the end of class, the 45 minutes felt like only 15! This is how workouts should be! So different and fun that the time just flies by! Ballet Barre

And it wasn’t just me who loved the class. All the girls (boys are welcome too!) jumped at the chance to pose by the barre for this fabulous pic!

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