Must Have Dresses For Spring 2013

spring dressese

The spring dresses  season brings with it new life, pleasant weather, beautiful flowers and lots of sunshine. It is the perfect season to doll yourself up in beautiful attire after the long and layered winter months and enjoy the bright sunshine.

The cheerful weather calls for lots of outings, day picnics and parties and nothing brings out the joy of spring better than pretty dresses. It is imperative then, that you have some of these must have dresses in your wardrobe for the spring season.

 Three Of The Hottest Choice Of Dresses In Spring 2013

Drop Waist Dresses

The drop waist dresses are making a come-back and are going to be the highlight of the spring season. Choose these dresses in short lengths to look youthful and knee lengths to look feminine.

Drop Waist Dresses

Select the short length dresses in a range of fabrics from denim to sheer and sheen and the knee length ones in silks or sheer and lace.

Waist Less Dresses

Waist less dresses in various lengths will be a feature of the spring season. Choose the short ones in single colors like white, yellow or blue and the long ones in pretty prints. Depending on the length and style, the dresses will do good for every kind of occasion. Accessorize these dresses with matching colored footwear and hand bags to look chic.

Full Skirted Dresses

To bring out the feminine side of you try on a full skirted dress this spring. The best part of wearing this kind of a dress would be your large choice of accessorizing.

Full Skirted Dresses

Wear them with a belt or with beautiful jewelry. Team them with high heeled sandals to look stunning and make heads turn on any special occasion.

Top 3 Prints For Spring 2013

Soft Florals

Floral prints have always been a favorite for the spring season. While they fit any occasion and welcome the season perfectly in their colorful hues and patterns, they also celebrate femininity.

Soft Florals print dresses

What’s going to be in this season is this print with a softer look. While the color of the dress shall be the highlight, the soft floral prints on the dress will help accentuate the main dress color even more.

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Ornately Bright

Bright baroque prints that are ornately structured are going to make it big this spring. Choose these prints in fresh citrus colors to look stylish and feminine. These prints will look best in short dresses. Team them with ankle length boots for an outing, vibrant flats for a day picnic or high heeled color blocks for the perfect evening. Cut down on accessories though and let the prints take centre stage.

Abstract And Graphic

Abstract And Graphic Print Dresses

Abstract and graphic prints will be another choice of prints for Spring 2013. These prints will add a look of boldness to your dress. Choose them in any style of dress and keep accessories to a minimum to avoid looking gaudy.

Five of the color choices this spring would be yellow, royal blue, hot pink, black and white together and gold. Choose the color yellow in a range of shades or royal blue to ensure that you have chosen the perfect color for the spring season. The color hot pink should be your choice for jackets as they are going to be the most talked about trend in 2013. Black and white colors teamed together will be a sure shot hit look. Be it a jacket and dress combination or a skirt and blouse or simply black and white prints, all of the combinations will work out well. Choose the color gold for evening wear and shine through.

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