Mouth-watering sauces


onionsauce Hey people, here are some tasty and tangy sauces for you all. Just read the recipes below and prepare them for your kids. I am sure they would love these finger licking sauces.

Onion sauce

500 gm onion, 100 gm butter, 100 gm vinegar, 50 gm wheat flour, salt (optional)

Chop the onions into small pieces.
Cook them on low flame with vinegar. Add butter and flour and stir it. When the whole solution becomes thick in consistency, take it off from the flame. Keep aside to cool down.

Pour them into clean bottles.
Onion sauce is ready to serve.

Masala raisin sauce

500 gm raisins, 100 gm dry red chili, 10 gm sugar, 100 gm dry ginger, 100 garlic, ½ bottle vinegar, and salt to taste

Pour raisins, red chilies, ginger and garlic into a blender with little vinegar and blend well to make a nice paste.
Boil the rest vinegar on flame after adding sugar to it.

Mix together both the paste and bring it to a boil on low flame till a thick sauce gets prepared.
Keep aside to cool down. Later fill into clean bottles and serve.

Rojak sauce

1 kg kacche aam, 2 bottles vinegar, 1 ½ kg sugar, 20 gm garlic, 200 gm ginger, 20 gm red chilies, 200 gm raisins, 10 gm salt

Peel off the mangoes and chop them into small slices.
Make a nice paste of ginger, garlic and red chilies in a blender.
Mix all the other ingredients together and mix with the above prepared stuff.
Pour them in a big clean container and seal it.

Leave it for a moth. Mix well after 3-4 days.
After a month, sieve it and fill into bottles. Your ranjak sauce is ready to eat.

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