MOTHER’S DAY: How WELLY do you know your mum?!

The Welly Shop (www. thewellyshop .com) has some fabulous boots which would make the perfect Mothers’ Day present. So whether she likes pottering in the garden, country walks or going to festivals, there is a welly for every type of mum:

GLAMOUR MUM – Likely to be found shopping, hosting dinner parties or getting her hair done at the salon. She’s glamorous and chatty, has lots of friends and looks more like your sister than your mum.
She’ll love: Wedge Wellies, £29.99 from The Welly Shop

COUNTRY MUMPKIN– Think the Good Life. This mum most likely loves gardening, baking and probably has chooks in the back garden. You can count on her for the best ever Sunday roast and is always on hand with a big warm hug.
She’ll love: Chicken Print Wellies, £34.99 from The Welly Shop

FUNKY MUM –A hippy at heart, she loved the 60’s and is in to parties and music. Arty and feminine, she probably does yoga, likes to travel and may even attend music festivals. Don’t expect the house to be spotless, but this is the kind of mum you can tell anything to (she’ll never judge you).
She’ll love: Cool Pink Wellies, £34.99 from The Welly Shop

MOOOOOOODY MUM –She probably spends a lot of time moaning at you for being untidy and not living up to her impossible standards. But deep down you know she loves you and doesn’t mean to be a cow!

She’ll love (if she has a sense of humour): Cow Print Wellies, £34.99, from The Welly Shop