Mood Swings in Children

Your child was smiling and playing a few minutes back; but suddenly he has become cranky and violent. Does this seem familiar to you in respect to your children? Many children and teenagers face from this problem of sudden behavioral change and in children, even prolonged mood swings. This is medically termed as Onset Bipolar Disorder (COBPD) and is used for mood swings in children.

COBPD or mood swings in children are generally characterized by alternate periods of highs and lows in child’s behavior; the child being over-responsive to sensory stimulation; and also displaying sleep disturbances and night terrors. Later in life, with development, they also display hyperactivity, fidgetiness, high levels of anxiety, and even prolonged and violet temper tantrums. It is usually in adolescent age, that the symptoms become more prominent. So, if your child displays these violent or passive changes in behavior and frequent mood swings, then you should seek professional advice as this can hamper his smooth and healthy development.

The question in everyone’s mind is the cause for this problem. According to studies, COBPD is usually inherited. Moreover, if a child is a sensitive one by nature, then his being easily frustrated, angry and impulsive can lead into prolonged and violent temper tantrums. Many children who suffer from this problem of mood swings run the risk of acquiring other problems like obsessive-compulsive disorder, hyperactivity disorder and other psychological problems. Most importantly, this affects their social and personal relationships due to frequent mood swings of such children. You should not take the frequent mood swings of your child as something normal as along with affecting the social life of a child, it also poses risk of the child frequently going into depression. So seek professional advice and get this problem treated so as to ensure that your child develops into a healthy and a fit human being.

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  • prashanta

    i had the same problem. but now im 19 and i know what it is now. i think it is just a normal teenage process. i still get angry very fast but as i grow older i can think more about controlling my anger.i think it just makes u think more and causing you to learn more than u should.i feel my friends are so much junior to me and i think it is because of this probmlem that made me think more and they didnt had the problem so the grew their mind slowly and my grew more than it should. so i think it is good. it makes u more just saying my case.