Modular Kitchen: Aesthetic Yet Modern Home Decor Part

Modular Kitchen

Visit to any European country and one thing which takes your breath away is their home decor, aesthetic yet modern furniture. Something which has to be paid maximum attention is Kitchen, where maximum usage of space is done very strategically and maximum cooking and kitchen furniture has been accommodated in very sophisticated manner.

Before plan to convert your kitchen into modular kitchen, the very first thing is to identify the shape of your kitchen , usually modular kitchen design has been fixed on the basis of three widely known kitchens shapes, two way entrance kitchen, L shape and U shape.

In two way entrance kitchen, one has scope to fix the cabinets on both the sides of passage and space for fridge, Microwave, Dish washer can be very well utilized. However the passage gap should not be too wide since this will make access to things bit tedious job. Also you will be abandoned to construct counter top in middle of kitchen or even place the dining table.

Hence to accommodate the counter top as well as dining table the L shape kitchens are best suitable. Once you have reasonable amount of space to position the cabinets and other essentials for cooking, with L-shape kitchen, along with seating space don’t hesitate to add the bar. Finally for the owners of U shapes kitchens, they can utilize the kitchen area merely for the setting up of the drawer units, pullout trolleys, dish storage space, built in chimney, microwave and refrigerator, where as remaining kitchen can be used merely for middle top counter cum dine-in space.

Finally not all the houses are constructed with wide and spacious kitchen, hence to accommodate must-have kitchen accessories one can fix the steel racks, mounted on empty wall, among the similar categories another option can be midway rail system to hang the containers, utensils and other accessories. Wide known furniture manufacturer IKEA provide standing tables and bars to be accommodate in kitchen and one can make maximum use of it and still provide modern look to kitchen, to please your family members and guest turning up to your home.