Medicinal Benefits of Mustard


Mustard is an extremely useful plant as it has both culinary as well as medicinal benefits. Mustard seeds are often used in cooking and so is mustard oil. However, mustard is not only beneficial in cooking but also helps in providing various health benefits. Given below are some of the useful medicinal benefits of mustard.

Mustard can be used as natural medicine for treatment of various ailments. If you are facing toothache, then mustard can provide you natural relief. Simply mix mustard in warm water and gargle with it to get immediate relief. Similarly, it also helps during ear pains. Mustard is quite helpful to relieve headaches which is an extremely common ailment faced by many. Instead of making your life dependent on medicines, simply apply mustard paste on your forehead. Mustard seeds when applied to the chest can also help in preventing pneumonia. If you are asthmatic, then mustard can help you out. Take 500-750 mg of mustard seeds and mix it with one gm of sugar. Take this mixture with little water to control your asthma. Mustard also helps in indigestion and stomach ache. One or two grams of mustard powder taken with water can help solve the problem of acidity, indigestion and other digestive related problems. Mustard plant is also used to combat sinus problems. Powdered mustard is also used as an appetite stimulant, anti inflammatory, digestive aid, laxative and others. To add on, even problems like uterus cancer can be cured with the natural power of mustard. Take lukewarm mustard water can sprinkle it on the vagina. This can serve the purpose and provide natural cure for uterus cancer.

Mustard plant is thus an extremely useful plant to mankind as all the parts of this plant can be effectively used for culinary as well as medicinal purposes.

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