Married Sex: Spice Up Your Sex Life

spice up your sex life Contrary to popular belief, marriage does not herald the death of sex. In fact it gives you the license to enjoy sex more and forage into the world of experimentation.

Unfortunately there seems to be a misapprehension among people that, marriage means a boring sex life, a life without spice and this apprehension ultimately makes a dull bed to lie on.

For those who are in the category of leading a dull sex life, all is not lost yet and there is still light ahead. All you need to do is read on the tips below and find the difference in the flavor of your married sex life.

Get rid of the routine: You might be feeling shy to venture into the area of something new with your spouse or about discussing what you feel is “not appropriate”. The limits and boundaries in one’s sex life is something which should be discussed and not assumed.

What you feel is “taboo” for your spouse might be something which is quite normal and unless you are planning for something extreme, there is no reason why you cannot discuss your preferences. This might open an entirely new area of sexual voyage for you and your spouse.

Discover the fantasies: Everybody has some sexual fantasy which gets them excited and stimulated. Finding out what turns your partner on could be an interesting twist in your sex life. Getting to know each other’s whims and acting on them is sure to put the spark back into your dwindling sex life.

Bring back the seduction: Sex is not only about the act, it is also about what leads to the act. Foreplay doesn’t necessarily have to be only about physically arousing your partner; it also means mentally stimulating the senses. The whole seduction scene might be in the old era by now, but experts still swear by its success. Seducing your partner by creating the whole romantic, wooing scene will definitely win you brownie points in bed.

Change the place: Doing it only in the bedroom, is one of the reasons why married sex might feel boring. You don’t have the excitement or the fear of getting caught or doing something forbidden.

Broaden your limits from your bedroom and try it out in different places, especially where you have the fear of getting caught, unless you are doing it in a public place of course. Meeting your spouse in the sly and getting on with some hot sex inside your spouse’s office is definitely going to increase the heat in your marriage.

Bring the toys in: Getting some extra stuff into your marital bed will certainly make you both eager to experiment. The anticipation of the unknown in itself is a very stimulating feeling and when you add some role-play into it, the whole scene changes. You can get some much needed spice into your sexual relationship by bringing in some toys, experimenting with different stimulants, and getting on with some wild fantasies both of you have been dreaming about.