Mango Magic

It’s always a great feeling to have a fruit which is sweet and tasty along with being healthy. Mango fulfils this criterion as along with being juicy and sweet, it contains in itself a rich nutritional punch. It derives its nutritional value from its constituents: Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, protein and calories which in turn prove beneficial in kidney, respiratory and heart problems along with taking care of the overall health of a person. Along with being a delicious and a healthy fruit, it is also one of the fattening fruits due to its rich content of fats. All these properties have together given it the name – the ‘King of Fruits’.

While the ripe Mango’s characteristic orange color is derived from its rich content of beta carotene (Vitamin A), green mangoes are richer in Vitamin C. These antioxidant cartenoids in turn are known for their protective powers against various cancers. The scientists at the Industrial Toxicology Research Centre in India are researching on the cancer fighting ability of mangoes. This has been credited to the presence of a compound, lupeol, in mangoes which along with helping fight cancers, also exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic and anti-diabetic properties.

Mangoes are used as blood-builders as they are rich in iron content. Hence, they are suggested for the treatment of anemia and are beneficial to women during pregnancy and menstruation. They also provide ample potassium which makes them suitable for hypertensive patients or for anyone who wants to regain and replenish energy after physical activity. In addition, it is also beneficial for those who suffer from cramps, stress or heart problems.

Mangoes help to combat acidity and poor digestion as they contain certain proteolytic enzymes which are known to break down proteins and thus aid in the digestion process of a person. In addition to health benefits, they also aid in the beautification of a person. They are believed to be effective in relieving the clogged pores of one’s skin. In addition, mango butter, which is used as a beauty product has hydrating and healing properties which helps to prevent parched skin.

Mango thus is a rare delight, as it spreads its magic through its delicious and juicy flavor along with aiding in the overall health of a person.

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