Makeup Tips For Mature Women

Makeup Tips For Mature Women

Makeup Tips For Mature Women As we age, we tend to lose our natural beauty and find the need to resort to beauty products to appear beautiful and radiant. However, a common mistake committed by many aging ladies is to opt for each and every kind of anti aging products and beauty regimes to remain youthful. Sadly, most of the times, these factors only make them look older rather than beautiful.

Staying beautiful as you age is not a cumbersome task provided you get to know about the small, hidden makeup tips and tricks that can transform you from a 40-year-old something to a woman who looks like she is just near 30 years old. How do you do that, you ask? Simple, just read on!

Makeup Tips For Mature Women

Taking Care Of Your Eyes

The first signs of aging in your face probably start showing near the eyes. From everything to fine lines and wrinkles to crow’s feet and thin lashes, the effects of aging on your face is clearly reflected off your eyes. And here are some tips you can follow in order to avoid just that.

In order to brighten up otherwise dull eyes, opt for eye shadows that come with shimmering hues (for example, shimmering mauves). In addition to creating an instant shimmer in your eyes, these eye shadows will actually camouflage tiredness effectively.

Crow’s feet can make your eyes look pretty horrible, and make you look very old in the process. You can hide crow’s feet effectively though, by using a good quality concealer that blends in with your natural skin tone.

Apply some concealer on the affected area, making sure you do the same with an upward motion so as to counteract the downward angle of crow’s feet, thus minimizing the same and giving off the illusion of much younger, brighter eyes.

Eye lids generally tend to droop with age. And so, in order to avoid this, you can opt for liquid liners in black and brown hues to give some volume and lift to fallen eye lids. By angling the outer corners at 45 degree angles, you can make your eyes look lighter instead.

As they age, many women tend to lose their natural eye lashes owing to hormonal changes in the body. If your eye lashes are too thin, you can opt to curl them with a good quality eyelash curler to give off the illusion of more volume. Applying mascara afterwards would seal the lashes in place and lift your eye lids considerably to project younger looking eyes.

Again, if this method does not work and your lashes still look thin, you can opt for false lashes that stick onto the natural ones. Choose good quality lashes that are easier to apply on the eyes and can give an instant lift to droopy eyes without necessarily dragging them.

Foundations, Blushes And Compacts

As we age, the veins that course through our face generally start showing through our skin, which is why it is considered important that we use a good quality foundation to camouflage these areas.

Don’t opt for heavy foundations that can make your face look caked up. Rather, go for medium coverage foundations that are silicone based. In addition to being easier to apply, these foundations also retain the dewiness in the skin and manage ruddiness.

Throw away matte faces, powder foundations, heavy compact powders and any other similar products that can make you look like someone who escaped from a Halloween party. These products would also tend to highlight fine lines and wrinkles instead of covering them.

Opt for light, loose powders and compacts that don’t settle down on your face, but rather stay at the surface and make you look more radiant and youthful.

Stay away from dark colored blushes which would not suit your age or complexion. Stick to a standard cream colored blush which when used sparingly, would bring back the rosiness that has gone missing from your cheeks.

Taking Care Of Your Lips

As you age, you would need to throw away a few colors from your lipstick range. These would include dark colors like maroon, deep red and brown etc. You also need to avoid plum and peachy colors that would stand out like a sore thumb.

The best lip colors at this point would be those that come in shades of pink or mauve. It is also best considered to apply a thin layer of lipstick rather than smothering your lips with multiple layers of the same. Follow this up with a little gloss at the center of your lips and you can get an instant youthful look.