I don’t know what it is about this time of year but it seems like it’s everyone’s birthday all at once! And putting aside the obvious fact that you have to find the extra cash to fund this impromptu spending spree, it’s then the small matter of what on EARTH do we get them?! With every passing year I’m running out of ideas for interesting presents that aren’t your run of the mill Body Shop Gift Baskets or the ol’ Perfume cop out!

But fear not, I swore I would not let my readers suffer as I have done – and so have put together a mini guide to giving gifts…with a difference!

First stop should be, which is a one stop shop for all gifts – guys and girls, young and old, classic and kooky! They personalize champagne bottles – which I recently ordered and absolutely ADORED, so did the recipient! They even put the Birthday Boy or Girls name into their favourite classic book, like Pride and Prejudice! From avid gardeners to action men, they’ve got it all covered at ThePresentFinder!

Great gifts for the girlies though are these two gems I’ve found. Premium Skincare range Yllume have put together the cutest and most revolutionary gift set ever. A tube of their spectacular Illuminating Skin Cream and a months supply of their Ultimate Illuminating Complex skin supplements, packaged together in a sparkling white box. This way you are achieving a radiant glow from the inside and out – it’s definitely a thoughtful gift for girls of all ages!

Then there’s Aromatherapy Associates – who are launching into Liberty of London in August ’10 – who have the most indulgent range of oils and skin creams, but what I love best is their Gift Set of 9 Bath & Shower Oils in miniature size, delicately packaged! With oils to revitalize and de-stress, there is an oil to suit, or fix every mood! Perfect for us girls who like a bit of pampering!

And so of course we can’t talk about birthdays without discussing Birthday Cakes, and nowhere and nothing beats my favourite bespoke bakers, Konditor and Cook! I’m not entirely sure where to start in describing the sumptuous tastes or rich texture of their cakes and buns without getting sidetracked by telling you about the spectacular decoration…oooh all to be washed down with K&C’s signature Hot Chocolate (served hot or cold with lumps of cream, mmmmm!) Just take my word for it and visit one of their many London stores to sample the delights for yourself – erm, for your friend’s birthday, I mean!!

Of course the only problem with discovering gifts as good as these is the inner battle that ensues…should I really give it to my friend, or keep it for myself…??

D’you know what, I bet they would love to recieve a really nice pair of M&S socks after all! 😉