Lip Care Tips


Having smooth, soft, healthy and fuller lips is a desire of most. No one would like to move around with dry, chapped and cracked lips as they act as big beauty blots. Thus, when you take that extra care of your face, do not neglect those lips. After all, simple daily care of lips can keep them healthy forever.

Usually people suffer from dry and cracked lips during change of weathers and during the cold season in particular. It is thus necessary for you to protect your lips form harsh environmental conditions by keeping them moisturized with a good quality lip balm. Lip balms keep your lips moisturized and thus prevent their chapping. Moreover, these days lip balms are available with SPF to protect the lisp from the harmful effects of UV rays. After all, along with your skin, your lips too need sun protection.

To make your lips moisturized as well as full and attractive, various kinds of lip glosses are available in the markets. Similarly, lipsticks are available of various colors and kinds to suit the varying tastes of different women. Follow the proper way of lipstick application to look beautiful and to keep lips healthy. However before applying a lipstick, it is advisable to apply a thin coat of natural balm on the lips. Also, refrain from constant licking of lips as it does not moisturize you lips, but only make their condition worse.

Along with applying lip balms and following lip care tips, there are some natural ways of preventing and treating lip damage, especially due to chapping. An effective natural remedy for dry lips involves application of ghee on lips. Also, it is advised that one should remove lipstick before going to bed to keep one’s lips healthy and beautiful the natural way.


  • Mohan

    I have already use dbut it doesn’t work effectively, can you suggest somthing else as I am having chapped lips due to that they have become black. Please advise.

  • Very useful advices. Thanks!