Lemon! Lemon everywhere!

It is always worth squeezing a lemon. A fresh energetic drink prepared from lemon juice, from ages has been regarded in higher ranks amongst other health foods which are often eaten in summer months. This is because Lemons have high medicinal value. Drink made from lemon juice, hot water and a teaspoon of honey is considered to be very effective in curing cold.

The germs that cause diseases like typhoid, diphtheria, scurvy get destroyed by lemon juice. Lemon juice also washes away the toxins of you body.

Lemon is highly rich in vitamin C, which helps in strengthening gums and teeth.

Lemon is highly valuable in treating throat disorders.

A ripe lemon is considered to be a great appetizer. It simulates the flow of gastric juices and saliva. It helps in keeping the digestion system in proper condition. Lemon juice destroys the intestinal worms, if any, and also eliminates the formation of gasses in digestive tract of your body.

For quenching the thirst in measles and pox, lemon juice proves to be really helpful.

For weight conscious people, lemon forms an effective tool for detoxifying their body. Such people regularly take a solution of warm water with lemon juice and little bit of honey in morning on daily basis. This makes them fit and fine. Lemon also proves to be an effective remedy for obesity.

Lemon also treats circulatory disorders and effectively cures rheumatic affections.

Lemon is known to be a youth restorative food. Regular intake of lemon gives you a youthful health.

In case of blemished skin, lemon juice do wonders. By simply rubbing the affected area by fresh piece of lemon, you can easily make dirt free and clean. Lemon juice makes your skin appear more beautiful and youthful. Lemon juice, if applied on hair brings natural shine to them.

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