Lemon For Skin

Lemon For Skin

Lemon For Skin

Lemon juice during hot summers is the best thing one can think of. But did you know that lemons can be beneficial for your skin too. It can be used as a natural skin care element due to its rich content of vitamin C and other natural nutrients which aid in healthy skin. Given below are the ways by which lemon can be your beauty aid.

You must have heard about the various benefits of drinking lemon juice and honey in the morning. Not only does it aid in keeping your healthy, it also aids in the health and cleansing of your skin. You can also try rubbing the lemon rind on the face for cleansing it.  To use lemon as a cleanser, you can mix it with Aloe Vera for a homemade beauty treatment. Also, you can wash your face with lemons every night and according to many, it can also help in lightening the color of your skin.

Drink Lemon Juice

This is because lemon has astringent properties and can thus help to bleach and whiten the skin. Many people also use lemon as a toner for oily skin by diluting lemon with water and then using it. However, always remember that lemon is an acid and thus watch out for your eyes. Also, you can dilute it with water if your skin is sensitive. Another word of caution- avoid going in the sun when you have applied lemon on your face as it might react with sun leading to skin irritation and even blister.

Lemon On Your Face

The aroma of lemon also makes it useful as being used as deodorants for the armpits or feet. Moreover, lemon is used as an essential oil in various aromatherapy treatments as it helps in stimulating circulation of the blood thereby enhancing the health of your body as well as skin.