Jump Rope Exercises


It is a general belief and claim by many health and fitness professionals that jumping ropes is one of the most beneficial exercises for a person. Most of us must have indulged in rope jumping in one’s younger days as a fun activity. The once considered leisure activity has more than just fun as it also helps a great deal in keeping one healthy and fit. It helps in utilizing all the major muscle groups of the body thereby leading to overall fitness and well being of a person.

Jumping rope is found to be a complete exercise for the overall workout of the body as it helps in the fitness of one’s calves, hamstrings, chest, back, shoulders, forearms and biceps. It is also known to be a good cardiovascular exercise. However, rope jumping can be a strenuous exercise if performed for a longer stretch of time. Thus, taking few minutes break in between wont harm. Always remember to do a warm-up before starting the jumping exercise so as to avoid injuries and muscle strains. One does not need a professional gym or training for the performance of this workout. One can begin with a basic jump which involves swinging rope over the head in a forward motion while keeping feet together over the rope. Jump 10 times and then take some rest as overstraining the body is also not a good idea. Similarly, one can perform reverse basic jump which involves swinging the rope in a backward position. In addition, twisters, jogging steps, double under and so on are other rope jumping exercises which can be beneficial for the overall fitness of a person.

Jumping rope is an exercise which is not dependent on factors like place or time as it can be easily performed anywhere. All you need is a skipping rope to jump your way towards health and well-being.