Internet Addiction Disorder


interentaddcation Playground games have been replaced by play station games; libraries and newspapers by internet and e-books; and letters and postcards by emails and internet chatting.

This is the new world which is dominated by technology. However, ‘how good technology is’ is a question that begs a concrete answer.

There is no denying the fact that internet has made the world and knowledge more accessible.

However, it has its own drawbacks too and its primary disadvantage can be seen in the growing number of cases of Internet Addiction Disorder.
When internet becomes an addiction and starts interfering with your daily life, then it leads to a kind of psychological problem known as Internet Addiction Disorder.

People suffering from this problem are glued to their computer screens and start neglecting other things in life.

There is a significant reduction in the time such people spend on social interaction and physical activities. Instead, they tend to be glued to their computer screens, leading to obesity and other health problems related with inactivity.

More and more children are seen spending endless hours on internet. While internet can provide a pool of information and knowledge to children, its excessive use is harmful. This is because children become so much addicted to internet, that they start neglecting their studies.

If these people reduce their time spent on internet, then they start suffering from withdrawal symptoms like tremors, irritability, aggression, and unwanted anxiety.

They keep getting panicky about things that might be happening in the web world. Also, such people display symptoms like involuntary movements of their fingers as if they are typing on the keyboard.

The problem of Internet Addiction Disorder is best prevented as there are no sure shot solutions for treating this problem till now. Research is still going on to find out ways by which Internet Addiction Disorder can be effectively treated.

The best way, however, is to keep a check on yourself from the beginning itself. Leverage the benefits of internet but don’t allow it to become an addiction.

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