Interested in Pedicures—think again!


Pedicure might make the feet look more attractive, but unfortunately it has been proved that pedicure actually do more harm than good. Women visiting to pedicure salons often believe that instruments used in these salons are sterilized but to their despair, these instruments are the main reasons for spreading germs and causing bacterial infections and nail fungus. So, it would be better to invest in your own clippers, cuticle sticks and nail filers. Also, make sure you sterile them after each use.

Usually towels used during pedicure process are just detergent based. Make sure that your technician uses those towels which are washed in antiseptic solution. Otherwise you can ask to use your own towel.

Motorized tub, used in salons is also harmful as fungus and bacteria get caught in the filers of such motorized tub. Therefore, soaking in feet in these tubs adds more chances of fungal and bacterial infections. Even the antiseptic applied on clients does little or no help in fighting against these fungal and bacterial germs. So it would be better for you if you ask technician for a clean bowl or a basin for pedicure instead of motorized tub.

Remember that no matter how much cool flip-flops look, it causes conditions like planter fasciitis, ankle sprains and tendonitis. Flats may appear to be comfortable, can lead to severe heel pain, blisters and other problems like hammertoes and bunions.

In addition to this, even walking barefoot can puncture your wound from many foreign article, cause abrasions, bruises and cuts, thus all-together making you more vulnerable to skin problems and nail injuries.

Home made scrubs and other various homely remedies for corns may appear very safe and effective, but truth lies somewhere else. These kitchen remedies only exfoliate the corns, failing to remove them fully.