Information on African Home Decoration Theme


If you prefer to have a touch of nature in your interior decoration, then you may chose the African style home decoration theme. This type of home decoration is going to be incredibly unique and sophisticated, as the country has incomparable tradition and heritage from time immemorial.

Nature has been the main source of inspiration in this theme, so you can liberally use any kind of natural materials like stones, soil, wood, bamboo, water etc according to this style.

One of the most important aspects of African decor is that you have to use various symbols, forms and patterns, which are specific to the culture. To prepare your upholstery, you have to choose fabrics having this type of motifs or rough natural textures.

The fabrics, which are directly made from natural elements, could be the right choice for your African theme. Otherwise, you can buy original textile products from authentic African shops, which will fit perfectly with your theme.

To select your show pieces, you will get innumerable art and craft items from this continent of long heritage. Various African masks, wooden statues, ceramic pottery, vases, figurines, iron art – all these are ideal representation of the African culture.

Simply use few of these objects, to accentuate the interior as per the theme. These items are available in most of the famous shopping destinations. But it will be too good and authentic, if you can make a trip to collect the original version of the show pieces.

The color plays an important role in case of African style room decoration. Basically you have to use the color, which are more near to the nature. So, starting with the natural soil tone to the colors of rainbow, anything and everything can be used wisely for walls, flooring, bed linens, draperies and so on.

You should also use wood or wicker for your furniture, to give it more earthly touch. Mosaic in colorful tiles, floor mats, wall designs etc can also be used in this theme to derive specific symbols or figures of African tradition.

African figurines and symbols have special meanings as per the culture and these traditional items will also help you to get inspired from the inner most point of your heart.


  • Well thanks for the information, I never knew that the
    African continent is so rich with Beautiful craft that one can use to decorate his house. I thought its only Asian contries that have nice craft for home decoration. Any way may be i would just give it a try.