Ill-Effects of Alcohol on Pregnant Women

Drinking in large amounts is bad and injurious to health for people of all ages and gender as it increase the risk for diseases of liver, heart and nervous system. However, if you drink during pregnancy, then you are multiplying the risk factor of diseases and putting your life as well as your unborn child’s life under dark clouds of ailments. According to a research, it has been found that children of women who drink are born with unsatisfactory eye movements and such children also require longer reaction time in comparison to normal children. In addition, women who heavily drink during pregnancy actually deal in a sort of child abuse as children of such women generally suffer from the problem of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Such children generally suffer from smaller heads, deformed facial features, poor co-ordination, short memory and poor intellectual growth. Alcohol consumption by pregnant women can thus lead to a complete annihilation of the child’s future who is not yet born. Instead of giving happiness to your child, you are depositing life time miseries for him before he is born. Always remember, that when you become pregnant, whatever you eat or drink directly affects your child and developing fetus is sensitive and can thus easily get affected by alcohol intake.

Alcohol intake during pregnancy is nothing less than taking up a process of slowly killing your child as such children are born with numerous physical, emotional and mental health problems. In addition, the expecting mother’s health also gets affected in a number of ways as alcohol slowly but steadily hampers and disrupts the healthy functioning of heart, liver and the nervous system. Thus, alcohol intake during pregnancy is nothing less than adopting a path of self-annihilation and one should immediately try to overcome this habit for the health and safety of self as well as the unborn child. If you are finding it difficult to stop drinking, then you should take assistance from your doctor.


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    My girlfriend wont stop drinking and smoking, waht should I do?