8 Great Ideas To Decrease The Rising Temperature Of House In Summers

Decrease The Rising Temperature Of House In Summers

Decrease The Rising Temperature Of House In Summers Keeping house cool in the summer is desired by all. People go for various measures to increase the comfort and reduce warmth in their houses. The best way to do is to not allow the sun rays to enter the house.

Keeping the house cool in summer not only increases the comfort level inside the house but also keeps the individuals free from diseases. Following are the effective ways of keeping the house cool in summer.

Create Cool Shades

This is one of the most effective ways to keep the house cool in summer. Cool shade can be created by planting more and more trees near and outside the windows. Trees help in blocking the direct rays of the sun from entering the house and thus keep the house cool.

Many fruit trees have very dense and thick leaves which can help to block the heat from coming inside the house without blocking the air flow. Planting just 3 trees around the house can be very effective in reducing the temperature of the air by 2-3 degrees. Shades can also be created by installing blinds, drapes and angles.

Closed blinds and angles help to deflect the sun rays and keep them away from house, thus helping to keep the house cool in summer. Shades should be kept in the east and west side windows to optimize heat control for effective cooling. It should be kept in mind that the best way to keep the house cool is to not allow the heat to enter inside the house. In this regard, angles and blinds are very effective.

Right interior of the room can make the house cool

It is advised to paint the roofs and walls of the house in light colours to keep the house cool in summers. Light or white colour shades on the walls neither attract, nor reflect much heat. As a result of which, the house remains cooler for a longer period of time. Summer is the right time to customize the curtains and make the house cooler.

Dark colour curtains are preferred during summer as they prevent the sun-light from entering the house. Doors and windows should also be kept open in the morning and at night to allow the inflow of cool breeze; thereby keeping the house cool in summer. Another way to keep the house cool in summer is to apply in-fills in the window panes.

In-fills act as air insulator and prevent sun rays from penetrating through the windows, thus keep the house cool. Humid air also makes the room warmer. Hence activities such as cooking and washing clothes should be avoided in the noon time for better cooling.

Fans and air conditioners for a Cooler House

Ceiling fans, table fans and other floor fans can be very useful in keeping the interior of the house cool in summer. They help in regulating the internal temperature of the house by constantly removing the heat to outside. In addition to fans, people can also use desert coolers to make the air inside the rooms cooler.

Desert cooler, though can add humidity to the air, but at the same time can reduce the room temperature more effectively than the fans. Desert coolers are very popular in Indian houses especially in summers to keep the house cool and comfortable. In addition to that, proper ventilation can also be provided in rooms, kitchen and bathrooms to allow fresh and cool air to get in and circulate the warmer air outside.

Air conditioners can also prove to be a relief in hot summers. They reduce the temperature of the house immediately and help in keeping the house cool in summer. Care should be taken to maintain the temperature of AC at regular intervals and it should not be allowed to fall too low which can then cause health issues.

Manage the Appliances

Use of gas stove should be done with care. Gas stove and furnace produce a lot of heat and in a quick span of time can make the entire house warm. Apart from gas stove, appliances such as oven and toaster should also be used only when necessary.

They also increase the heat in the kitchen and thereby make the house warmer. A recommended way of using these appliances is with the ventilator fan so that minimum amount of heat remains inside and maximum goes out of the kitchen.

Other types of appliances such as lights, bulbs and other heat generating appliances should also be regularly maintained. Incandescent bulbs should be replaced by CFL because they generate lesser heat with same amount of lighting. Heat generating appliances should not be kept close to AC as they tend to increase the load of conditioning system and reduce its effectiveness.

Other things to monitor

Other important thing to be kept in mind is to switch off all the electric and electronic devices such as TVs, computer monitors and lamps etc when not in use. When in use, they generate heat and raise the temperature of the air. Hence for proper cooling of the house in the summers, care should be taken to switch off these devices.

Ducts are also a source of heat in the house. Hence all the ducts and wires should be well insulated. They not only enhance the safety of the users but also reduce the heat coming from them. Air-conditioner filters should be cleaned at-least once every month.

Dust in the filters need to be removed regularly to increase the air flow through them; thereby increasing the cooling. Also any holes if present in the doors and windows should properly be sealed to prevent the inflow of hot air.

Thus by following the above measures in a proper way, considerable amount of cooling can be created in the house during summer season. Apart from this, these measures do not require much of initial investment; in fact if regularly followed they help to reduce the energy consumption and helps to decrease the temperature of the house in summers and make the house a more comfortable place.

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