Ideas For Country Home Decoration

Ideas For Country Home Decorating

Ideas For Country Home Decorating Interior decoration is a joyful and exciting task if you have the ability to bring into reality some of your creative flairs. Many people want to adopt country home décor styles featuring casual and somewhat lived-in look for their homes. There are numerous varieties of country home decorating fashions that you can choose from.

The main distinguishing features of a country home décor are clean and neat look, old-fashioned warm heartedness, organic appearance etc. Country home decorating ideas invoke nostalgia with its decades-back-style. This décor style is remarkably in tune with nature and is much more than some cast-off furniture, vintage collections, generous bouquets of old-fashioned roses, blue-and-white palettes, hand-carved herons, butler sinks, and so forth.

These off-beat décor styles are suffused with the artisan’s personality and a great place to enjoy fine and relaxed living. With a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can also add a touch of country style in your home. The article explores some popular country home decorating ideas to stir your mind’s eye.

Some Top Country Home Décor Themes

French Country Home Décor

French country home décor is distinct for the contrast of colors and patterns. Reflecting a casual and comforting attitude, French country style home decorations are ideal for modern lifestyle. After a hectic day of work, you can relax in the soothing sanctuary casting out all your worries.

Objects in wood and wrought iron should dominate the scene to get the picture perfect French country style character. This kind of country home décor is not old fashioned but reflects sophistication also. The interiors should be arranged in such a way that the gorgeous country grace of the French landscape is mirrored throughout.

Ideas For Country Home Decorating

Go for natural shades for walls and flattering colors for fabrics and accessories. Bright character can be introduced by placing vivid colored throw pillows with French country designs. Daring colors of gold and red will look amazing for these kinds of country home decorations. Massive chandeliers in wrought iron, bronze and aged white finishes will look good.

Wall decor prints and oil paintings are great choices of wall adornments. Fairly old coffee tables, shadow boxes, ottoman etc. can be put on show in the living room to achieve completeness. Multicolored ceramics, engraved wood articles, rattan baskets, period mirror and clocks are other ideal items for display. Natural wood and terra cotta flooring will complement the overall look.

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Rustic/Primitive Country Décor

Rustic or primitive country decor should reflect the tranquil atmosphere of ancient days. Lustrous finish paints should be evaded to prevent them from thwarting the rustic mood. Natural wood walls and floors are the best features that echo a nice primitive country décor. Dull wood finishes have the magical ability to add rustic charm to any country décor. You can go for country blue, grimy rose, wine-red and forest green palettes to get the perfect result.

Old fabrics, picture frames, crates, baskets holding pinecones, rustic plant stands, wooden American flags, barn stars, candles and holders, rustic throws, rustic art prints, crocks and stoneware, wall tapestries, antler-shed chandeliers mirrors, tree trunk coffee or end tables and animal hides are some of the ideal embellishment items. A floor-to-ceiling bookcase can be an ideal addition to create the feeling of a superior primitive country décor.

An antique dough bowl can be used as sink. Old fashioned quilts are a must have item in primitive country décor. Wall paper that depicts a gorgeous outdoor scene, wagon wheels and taxidermy mounts can be added to infuse the rustic charm in your house. If you have an old fireplace mantel in your house recreate its finishing till you get the ideal rustic look. Bathrooms can be turned into a rustic opulent space by choosing for wood plank walls and overlie mirrors.

Shabby Chic Country Decor

Shabby chic country décor can be achieved either by placing furniture and furnishings with signs of age and wear and tear in prominent places or by distressing new articles to attain fine historic appearance. A comfortably elegant home can be created by adopting shabby chic country home. Flea markets and thrift stores are the ideal places to purchase articles and furniture pieces for this kind of home atmosphere.

See to it that you are getting uncomplicated, well-worn and weathered articles that were used lovingly in years past. Vintage furnishings that show signs of abrasion including somewhat discolored or crumpled fabrics are the perfect items. All the articles should exude the feeling that someone else loved these articles long ago. Windows should be treated with light airy drapes or valances with vivid floral patterns.

Ideas For Country Home Decorating

Rugs with floral patterns can be an interesting addition. Layers of varying shades of white can be really flattering. Different finishes, colors and styles can be boldly mixed in the living room to get the picture perfect rustic setting. With a few hints of yesteryear here and there you can transform your current home into a perfect primitive country cottage.

Whatever type of country home décor that you are choosing there are certain items that can instantly add the charm right away. They are wicker baskets, scented candles, folk art clocks, scuttlebutt and twig articles, quilts, antique picture frames, antique or country style lamps with rustic looking shades, aged artwork and lighting fixtures, old wooden quilt trunks, rude woods and materials, tried-and-true blue-and-white palettes, rusty metal and wooden items etc.

You can do a nice blending of heirlooms and your own favorite finds in a lovely manner to achieve the desired look. Ultimately the goal is to attain a couth, relaxed fashion that imparts comfort to every room of your house. With right furnishings, textures, shades and accessories you can create a country look for your home without much effort and cost.

While creating a country home decorating style, make sure that you are imprinting your welcoming personality to all those who enter inside your house. This should be done without sacrificing the atmosphere of long ago in your home.  You are successful in transforming the space into that of a country style, if the interiors ring a bell, with both the homeowners and visitors of their delightful pasts.