How you can help your parents as they grow old-read it!

Just as you were once totally dependent on your parents for your physical, mental and needs, likewise when your parent starts ageing, they too become increasingly dependent on you. This experience can be fun for some people and enormous burden for others. But still, there are some easy ways by which you can always help your growing parents; some of them are mentioned below-just read them out!

First of all borrow their slippers. Believe me; the gradual process of physical declining of old age is very depressing. Just imagine what you would have felt if same things happen to you. Pondering over the same issue for some time will help you to understand your parent’s feelings more nicely.

Older people start focusing on the things that seems no more achievable to them due to their old age. So start experimenting things with them. Get them to try new things of life that you know are achievable and fruitful for them.

Certainly you must be very busy with your own life schedule and find it hard to concentrate when your parents bothers you for an evening chat. Well, in this case, don’t turn deaf ears to them; suggest a time and frequency when you both can talk up with each other.

Definitely it’s tough, but just because your parents wiped your bottom when you were a baby; you don’t need to nurse them when they are old. Just make sure you ignore those emotional blackmails from their side. Certainly help them by all means, but don’t get bullied into becoming their carer, unless that forms a part of your own life plan.

Your ageing parents will be more area of their own mortality than they have ever been before. Dying is a scary prospect; encourage them to explore their faith if they have one.

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  • nina rai

    Speaking of elderly parents should not become a chore or pain like most people think nowadays. It is just another phase of life and sooner or later we will get there too. How do you want your kids to treat you when you get old?

    Time management and scheduling family time gets should be important.
    Don’t beat yourself up if you are too tired from hectic work schedule. Hire a caretaker for a day if a need arises to take your of parents.

    Talk to them on alternate days for moral support. You can do this at work during lunch time or on your break to give them undivided attention (away from home). Visit them ones a month.

    I got married four years ago and I’m still very close to my parents. They are very independent but my mom is sick mostly, so I still keep in touch every other day. She says if I don’t call the third day, she gets worried. Just listening to their problems is theraputic to them. No matter how rich or poor one is, sharing selfless love and care can mean more than material compensation.

    { I also make time to call my grandparents who live oversees ones a fortnight or month to catchup with their health and I always enjoy chatting with them. I think I became more bonded to them & have become more spiritual and wiser from listening to their current issues and good old day’s experiences}.

  • Anita

    My mother is 80 and suffers many medical problems, financial problems, and emotional problems. While I want to help her as much as I can, I have financial problems too and am on maximum doses of antidepressants to handle my own stressors. She wants me to take care of all her problems, she complains constantly, and while I try to take her to social functions, she complains how much pain she is in, how she cannot get around, and how people do not give her enough attention. I do not have any of my own children and I am sure I will suffer too when I am her age, so I do want to help her have a quality of life, other than taking all of her problems on. Some parents think because they took care of us when we were younger, we owe it to them. My mom was not a very good mother growing up but I have forgotten and forgiven all that. How can I help her without totally frustrating myself and my own needs?