How To Win A Stranger Over In 30 Minutes

How To Win A Stranger Over In 30 Minutes

How To Win A Stranger Over In 30 Minutes You meet a stranger at your friend’s party. Somehow, you feel there is a palpable chemistry between the two of you and you want to take the acquaintance to the next level. What should you do to keep the stranger interested?

How should you behave to get his attention and admiration? Are there any tricks to win over this stranger that has caused a flutter in your belly and a desire in your heart? Mentioned below are some basic behavioral tips, tactics and rules of thumb that will help you win over a stranger in 30 minutes.

Be Yourself

The biggest mistake people make at the beginning of an acquaintance is trying to be someone they are not. Although you may think you are successfully deceiving someone, a pretentious behavior is strikingly obvious in most cases. And it is a major turn-off too. Let the stranger know and like you for who you are, and not for who you think he wants you to be.

Pay Attention

The sweetest sound in language is the sound of one’s name. Make a note of it and address him with his name when saying your hello and goodbyes and even during conversation. Pay attention to what he says as it can reveal a lot about his personality, likes, and dislikes.

Be A Good Listener

People get easily wary of those who keep on babbling without giving them a chance to talk. Encourage him to talk about himself and listen to what he says. Give compliments wherever applicable. Make him feel important in a sincere way (do not resort to dishonest flattery).

Make Interesting Conversation

Discussing music, films, food, fashion, hobbies, and similar light topics can be a good way to break the ice and have an interesting conversation. Religion and politics are a big ‘no-no’ in the first meeting. The light hearted subjects are a great way to find out if you have any common interests which can become an excuse of your next meeting.


The 100 watt smile is certainly not an over-rated concept. Smiles convey warmth, friendliness and the message that you are glad to meet the other person. They ward off awkwardness and portray you as easy to talk to or get along with. Smiling during an interaction also conveys that you are amused and interested in whatever he has to say. This will surely flatter him.

Sharing some laughs is also a certain way to make your meeting a memorable one. Tell jokes, interesting stories and don’t hesitate to laugh at yourself in case any embarrassing situation arises. Sense of humor is high on everybody’s list when it comes to striking friendships. Who doesn’t like a happy, smiling and cheerful face?

Don’t Be Clingy

Guys do not like girls who are clingy or seem too desperate. Do not rush the stranger into friendship; friendships take time to bloom. Be genuine and fun when you are together and then back off and give him a chance to look out for you.

Yasmeen Ali