How to use gel in a right way


Gel has undoubtedly become special styling ingredient now- a-days for the people of every age group. From celebrities to a common man everyone is making a smart use of gels for getting the perfect hair look. It is very important to use gel in a right manner for getting a desired hair look. Read this article, it will guide you on the right way of using gels.

Do you know that the best basic way to use gel is to put a small amount in one hand and rub your hands together before applying to damp, towel-dried hair? Then top it off with a blow dry. This will help to set the gel giving you the maximum benefit.

For thick hair, use a stronger gel. For a wet look slicks back your hair and let it dry naturally. For a breezier look, blow-dry hair after applying the gel. Opt for a gel that contains a humidity control agent to keep frizz at hair length. You can look at the high gloss variety of products for adding more shine and volume to your hair.

For thin hair, go for spray gels. It doesn’t weigh your fine hair down, but at the same time gives it the right kind of hold for any style that you may prefer. Apply hair gel to the roots of your hair and blow dry for maximum thickening.

For curly hair, try a curl boosting spray gel. This kind of spray gel will enhance your curls and give your hair a good structure. Also this gel will protect your hair from going frizzy. For best curl control, blow-dry your hair straight with a brush after applying the gel.

Hey guys, don’ think much now, just get a nice gel that suits your hair and make your own style statement.


  • connor

    i use shockwave ultra strong stufff .. cos my hair is really thick , but whenever i put it in . about 5-10 minuets (when its dry) iit goes crumbly and turns white and me=akes me look like i have dandruff XD.
    i was wondering is it the gel or the way i do it???

    cos i just rub it in my hands then put it in..

  • sanju

    hi we use gel after oil or before oil. how much we keep deference between oil & GEL