How to treat various hair problems

For hair loss
Hair loss is a genetic problem for ninety percent of men while in women, hair loss can occur due to hormonal imbalances, anemia or thyroid problem.It is very important to find the real cause of hair loss before you go for any treatment for the same.

Application of fenugreek seeds paste on the scalp, soaked in water overnight is an effective remedy for hair loss.

Applying aloe-Vera to your scalp can also help a great deal. But make sure you scoop out the pulp without it coming into contact with your fingers.

For curing a hair loss problem, grate a piece of coconut, squeeze out the milk and add half lemon to it. Massage this solution effectively into your hair. Leave it for an hour before shampooing.

For spilt ends
The best solution for spilt ends is to cut the damaged portion. Get a trim every two months and use a high density serum or spilt end remover to smooth your cuticles.

You can also soak the strands of your hair in apple cider vinegar for improving the look of your hair instantly.

To keep the spilt ends from re-occurring, take a tablespoon of milk with few drops of lavender oil and apply effectively on your hair.

For dandruff
For removing the dandruff, squeeze a lemon in a tablespoon of sour yogurt. Apply this mixture on your hair and leave for twenty minutes before shampooing. Rub a few drops of cedar wood oil into your scalp after shampooing to complete the treatment. This is a perfect remedy for dandruff.

If you are suffering from oily dandruff, take zinc and vitamin B6 supplements to reduce the oil internally. For a dry kind that shows on your clothes, consume essential fatty acid supplements like evening primrose oil.

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