How to Treat Vaginal Infection at Home

Vaginal infection is not a cause of worry but needs to be treated immediately and effectively to avoid a recurrence. Bacteria, yeast and sexually transmitted diseases are the main cause of vaginal infection. There are many over-the-counter medicines available for treating the infection. However, home remedies are equally effective in countering the effects of infection.

It is important to remember that vaginal infection takes time to be treated and one has to be regular and patient with the treatment.Yoghurt with no additives is the best remedy for vaginal infection caused by bacteria. Eat yoghurt without adding any sugar or fruits to it. In fact make yoghurt a part of your daily diet to avoid infection in future.

Stop consuming sugar and sugar based products for the next few days. This means no fruits as well. Yeast feed on sugar and stopping their food supply will arrest their growth.Do not consume alcohol. In fact avoid all fermented drinks and foods including bakery products. Many bakery products have yeast as an ingredient.

Garlic is a strong anti-fungal agent. Use garlic sticks as suppositories to terminate the bacteria faster. Take a peeled garlic clove and wound it in a piece of medicated gauze. Lubricate the gauze with either vegetable oil or a water based lubricant. Slide this in your vagina leaving a small piece of gauze hanging outside. Change every six hours. Garlic suppository is the best antidote for vaginal infection.

Buy tea tree oil based cream and apply it in and around vagina. Tea tree oil helps control the spread of infection and also soothes irritated and inflamed skin.

Apply gel of aloe vera plant to your vagina. Aloe vera has soothing properties that will provide relief from the itching that accompanies vaginal infection.Prepare a bath of vinegar and warm water. Lie in this with your legs spread until the water runs cold. Vinegar will provide you immediate relief from itching and soreness. If you cannot take a vinegar bath soak sterile gauze with vinegar and warm water and apply it on the vagina.

Soak your underwear in hot water for 15 minutes before washing. This will kill the infection causing micro organisms. If your condition does not improve in the next 48 hours consult a doctor for prescription.