How to Treat Brittle Hair


If hair is such an important asset of our beauty which can change our entire look, then why should you not take proper care of them? Many people suffer from the problem of brittle hair which is primarily caused due to dryness and environmental conditions and also due to use of harmful chemicals on one’s hair. Can you believe that most of the cosmetic hair conditioners contain alcohol in it which is known to cause dryness? Shocking but true. So how does one take care of our hair so as to prevent it from drying out and becoming brittle? Read below and find answers to your question.

Since dryness is one of the major reasons for our hair become brittle, reduce chemical treatments of hair like perms, hair dyes or bleaches as they deplete the natural moisture of hair and lead to dryness. Always keep your hair moisturized. This can be done by adding few drops each of lavender, bay and sandalwood essential oils to six ounces of warm sesame or soy oil to make your hair silky and manageable. People with natural curly or wavy hair are more to dryness and thus they should ensure proper moisturizing of hair. If using cosmetic products, ensure they contain sunscreens to protect the hair from harmful UV rays. It is not only our skin, but also our hair which are prone to sun damage.

Last but not the least, you need proper diet and nutritious eating to ensure the health of your hair. Proper meals are not only essential for your body; but your hair too needs nutrients to remain healthy and strong. So follow these certain tips to prevent your hair from drying out which in turn would help you to treat brittle and worn-out hair.

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