How to Teach Kids to Swim


A splash in a fresh pool on a hot summer day is as refreshing as it can get. Swimming is one of the most important exercise which every person must know as it is not only refreshing, but also a healthy exercise which involves the workout of the entire body, helping in overall growth of the person.

Teaching kids to swim from their early years is an important and helpful practice which will yield rewards for years to come.

As a parent, you need to be cautious as well as patient and relaxed while teaching your child to swim. Teaching swimming to children from their early years helps in eliminating the fear of water in children and also helps a great deal in making children grow tall with a fit and healthy body. If you are wondering how you can effectively teach your kid to swim, here are some tips.

When you get your child to a swimming pool, stay in close proximity with him so that he doesn’t feel alone and scared. You need to make the child acquainted with the aquatic environment and the best way to do that is by holding him properly and making him walk around the pool, providing him a sense of water and the aquatic world.

Never leave the child alone in water for fear of drowning. If you are not too confident of swimming yourself, you should take help from a swimming trainer and also check for the availability of life guards in the pools you visit.

You need to get make the child get accustomed to water touching his face and body and the way he needs to deal with it without choking himself. After that, teach the kid to kick his legs, and then support him and teach him to stroke with his arms. Follow a step by step approach, and you’ll gradually be able to teach your kid to swim.

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