How to Take Care of your Baby’s Eyes


eyecarebaby Every parent waits for the moment when their baby will take birth and open his eyes for the first time. To ensure that your child’s world remains happy and colorful, you need to take proper care of your baby’s eyes.

When a baby is born, a proper health checkup takes place where a thorough examination is done of all his body parts, including eyes. The doctor checks for any eye infections or eye structural disorders.

There are babies who can suffer from certain eye problems like infections, blocked tear ducts, cataracts and others. It is thus necessary to get regular eye checkups done of your baby.

As mentioned above, babies are vulnerable to infections, especially to conjunctivitis. Thus, you should avoid your baby’s contact with people who are affected by this eye infection.

In addition, there are also babies who suffer from the problem of cataract. When we think of cataract, we usually associate it with an old age problem. However, this problem can affect babies too and in some cases, it requires a surgery.

There are some babies who are born with blocked tear ducts. To naturally treat this problem, you should massage your baby’s eyes with a warm washcloth. Also, you should try to keep your baby’s eyes clean by cleansing them with plain water.

As a mother, we try to dress up our babies in the best possible way and try to make them look the best. However, one should refrain from using any kind of eye makeup on the baby. Baby’s eyes are sensitive and contact with any kind of foreign matter can lead to eye allergies and infections.

While handling your child, you should ensure that you don’t apply dirty or unhygienic hands on the baby’s eyes.

Follow the above given basic eye care tips to keep your baby’s eyes safe and healthy.

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