How to take care of fever


Are you suffering from fever? Do you know when your body falls ill, it become all more important for you to take care of your body in a better way than ever before? Here is the list of things that you should keep in mind while you are suffering from fever, so that you can gain an early recovery.

Whenever your body falls ill, it’s very important for you to give good amount of rest to your body. Make sure you give complete rest to it without any sort of disturbances. Remember more rest you give the body, early will be its recovery.

Contrary to what some people might think, take cool baths. Yes! Ensure you take a daily bath under a shower. A cool shower certainly brings down your body’s temperature. So never miss a bath in a cool shower!

Whenever you are sick with fever, make sure you skip heavy exercises that you normally perform. Also, avoid sudden temperature change, like going out in the hot sun after spending some time in cool indoors. Always remember that such a sudden temperature change affects your body very badly, so avoid this in everyway.

As far as your diet is concerned during fever, make it as liquid as possible. Solid food items may find it difficult to get fully digested, so give a liquid diet preference over solid food items. Go for steamed and boiled vegetables- cereals, khicdi, soups, honey and yoghurt etc. say big no towards oily and spicy foodstuffs. Avoid eating out in every possible way. Have fresh juices in your diet.

Finally make sure you drink lots of water to compensate for the loss of body fluid. This will also help to reduce the body temperature.

So whenever you suffer from fever, make sure you keep in mind the above things for an early recovery.

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