How to Take Care of Cracked Heels

With the advent of winters, one common problem comes into focus- cracked heels. Also known as heel fissures, cracked heels are a result of dryness leading to linear cut wounds and fissures on the heels. Along with looking ugly, they are painful too.Thus, read ahead and find out some tips for prevention and treatment of cracked heels.

The way towards healthy skin is by proper care and attention to it. Beauty applies to all the parts of our body but seldom do we notice people paying their feet equal importance. Exfoliating and regular moisturizing of feet is necessary for keeping your feet healthy. You can soak your feet in lukewarm water and use a pumice stone to scrub off dead skin. You can also use a foot scrub to smoothen your heels. After removing your feet from lukewarm water, apply a deep moisturizing lotion and put on socks to keep it covered for sometime. This in turn would help in protecting your feet from excessive dryness. Another effective way is to heat up some coconut oil, add some wax into it and allow it to cool for sometime. Afterwards, apply it onto your heels. Cleanliness and preventing walking barefoot are some simple tips for healthy feet.

There are also certain home remedies for treatment of cracked heels. Applying the pulp of a ripe banana on the cracked area of the heel or soaking the feet in lemon juice for about 10 minutes are effective ways of freeing yourself from the trouble of cracked heels. Along with basic care, you also need to consume a diet rich in calcium, zinc, iron and omega 3 fatty acids to keep your feet healthy.

Follow these simple tips and keep your feet soft, supple, beautiful and healthy.

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