How to Take Care of a Premature Baby


premeturebaby As the name suggests, premature babies are those who are born before their due date. While some premature babies are born perfectly healthy and don’t require frequent medical attention, there are others who need special care. This article will provide some helpful tips on taking care of a premature baby.

Premature babies can have underdeveloped lungs and can thus have breathing problems. Similarly, such babies are often more prone to illnesses and infections in comparison to babies who are born on their due date. It is for this reason that premature babies are kept in intensive care after their birth so that they can be kept under doctor’s supervision for the first initial days or weeks.

As mentioned above, premature babies are kept in incubators so that their heart rate, blood pressure, and vital organs and parameters can be continuously monitored.

As a mother, you can develop the special bond with your baby even when he is in intensive care. Your mere presence in the room where your baby is kept has a positive effect. Talk to your baby; get closer to him through the power of touch and smell; and also breastfeed your child, if possible.

There are many babies who find difficulty in feeding due to weakness. Usually, babies are fit to be breastfed by the time they leave the hospital. However, there are some premature babies who need to be fed using a feeding tube and a syringe.

Premature babies’ immune system is usually weak and underdeveloped. As a result, such babies are easy prey to infections. As a parent, you need to avoid taking your baby out to crowded places to prevent him from catching infections. Similarly, avoid many visitors in your house, especially near your baby.

Along with the above given tips, you should preferably make your child sleep on his back to reduce the risk of sudden infant death. In addition, take special care of your premature baby’s medical needs and get regular checkups done so that your baby’s vital organs and parameters can be monitored on a regular basis.

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