How to Stay Fresh in Summers


stayfresh With temperatures soaring and sun basking, how do you stay fresh all day, especially when you sweat a lot, and are short of energy in summers? Well, the answer is simple. All, you need to stay fresh in summers is to stay healthy and to take some preventive steps.

We all sweat a lot in summers, dehydrating our body which in turn leads to fatigue and weakness. You should drink plenty of water and increase your intake of fluids to hydrate your body and to keep it fresh and energetic in all seasons.You might have a desire to drink carbonated and fizzy cool drinks with temperatures soaring high.

However, avoid this desire as carbonated drinks and alcohol can all dehydrate the body and lead to unnecessary tiredness and a worn out body. To remain fresh, you need to trust and depend on nature’s gift, water. Lime water and fresh juices are always handy.

In summers, you often feel sleepy, lethargic, and sluggish after eating a heavy meal. Also, heavy and spicy meals can overwork your digestive system. It is thus recommended that you keep your stomach light during summers to not only stay active but also to keep your body healthy and fit.

What you wear also plays an important role in how you feel in summers. We are not talking about fashion here, but about comfort. Wear light colored, loose and comfortable clothes in summers so that you don’t feel uncomfortable. Also, light colored clothes help in keeping your body naturally warm which in turn ensures you remain alert, fresh, and energetic in summers.

For some summer safety tips, avoid exposing yourself to direct sun and heat and if going outdoors is essential, always have a protective sunscreen and hat handy. All these preventive steps will help you remain healthy which in turn will aid you in staying fresh and fit in summers.