How to shop for lipsticks for that magical touch!

Beauty, like they say, lies in the eyes of beholder. Though the real meaning of this definition is changing with changing times, but what remains unchanged is women’s desire to look more and more beautiful. Now-a -days several varieties of lipsticks are available in market. You can choose among the array of these lists and add that extra magic to your lips. Remember, the right kind of lipstick can transform the way to look.
When buying lipstick, make sure you select the one with moisturizer, as this will keep your lips supple and soft. Such lipstick also protects your lips from getting strained by lipstick pigment.

If you are confused about which colored lipstick to be brought up, experiment with different colors till you find the one that looks good on you. Neutral colors like peach and pink are ideally meant for day wear. Whereas, warm colors like brown and different tones of red look great in evening. Keeping these things in mind can aid you in better selection.

Remember to try out the shade of your lip color on the index finger instead of back of your hand. This is the best spot for checking the shade of the lipstick.

Before wearing the shade, make sure you define your lips first with the help of lip pencil. Defining the lips will emphasize the shape of your lips and make your lipstick last longer than usual. People having thin lips or too full lips can conceal the actual shape with lip pencil.

For making the lip color to last long on your lips, first apply it on your lips in usual manner and then blot it using an absorbent paper. Now re-apply a lip gloss. This way, you lip color will last for hours.