How to save money on fuel bills


Hey do you spent much on your vehicle fuel bills? Don’t worry about your moolahs any more because here are some ways listed below that can help in saving your money from over spending on your fuel bills-just read them out!

Whenever you are driving, anticipate the traffic scenario ahead and gradually regulate the speed of your vehicle. Make sure you do not indulge into sudden acceleration and brake maneuvers as this increases the fuel consumption by 20 percent.

Do you know that driving your car in the right gear enhances the fuel economy? So, make sure you are well educated about different car gears. Always remember that shifting gears at optimum speed further improves the economy of the fuel.

Avoid driving on excessive speeds. Are you aware that air resistance increases exponentially at speeds over 80kph? Driving at 60 kph vs 110 kph reduces the fuel consumption by 15 percent. Isn’t that good news? So make sure you maintain a good speed and save on your fuel bill.

Make sure you switch on AC   when it is really required, otherwise enjoy the outside air by keeping the windows open. This is because when you switch on the AC, the aircon compressor increases engine load which results in increased fuel consumption. So if you really want to save money on fuel consumption, make a smart use of your vehicle’s AC.

Do you know that windows kept open while driving on highway results in increased wind resistance thus increases fuel consumption? So make sure you roll up the windows when driving on highways.

Remember that carrying heavy weight objects on the carrier when driving increases the wind resistance and reduces the fuel economy. So make sure you do not over load your car with heavy items. Heavy objects also affect the handling of a vehicle to a great extent.