How to Reduce the strain on the eyes


Eyes form an important part of our body, so it becomes naturally essential for us to take good care of them. Very often we have notice that men and women suffer from the problem of straining eyes, that makes them appear dull and stressed. Here are few tips, that if you use can do wonders in reducing the strain from your eyes. If possible try to keep your eyes moist. You can even use artificial tears to make them wet, if you feel excessive dryness in them.

It is important that you do not use any kind of eye drops to moist your eyes, which was brought by you for curing some other eye ailment. You can also make use of eyebright tea for washing your eyes.

If you regularly work on computers, it important that you place your computer monitors 18-30 inches from your eyes. Also check for its glare. If you really feeling tired after working for long hours on computer, then you can place cool and wet compress over eyes and can relax for some time.

Significance of eye exercises has its key role in reducing the strain on eyes. Make sure you do eye exercises on regular basis for strengthening your eye muscle. Blinking frequently make a good relieving exercise for tiring eyes.

Healthy nutritious diet helps in maintaining better vision and eradicating other eye ailments. So, it would be good for you if you intake food rich in vitamin A and vitamin C.

Visit your optometrist on regular basis. Make sure you wear eye glasses or contact lenses as prescribed to you. But still if you feel continuous strain on your eyes, get it checked and updated by your doctor. Also, wear your sun glasses whenever you go out in sun.

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