How To Put Back Excitement In Your Relationship

How To Put The Sexy Back In Your Husband Do you feel that your husband is frequently not in a mood to explore your body and have intimacy? Do you feel like you are sharing a room with a mate who is in another zone? Do you like to make your husband enjoy sex once again? This article focuses on tips on how to once again make your sex life exciting.

How To Put Back Excitement In Your Relationship

Change Your Style To Bring Back The Sexy Side Of Your Relationship

You should dress smartly every day. You should try new facial makeup and you should try a new hair style. Make sure that you are well groomed in the morning. You should wish him goodbye when he goes to the office and whisper to come home early in the evening.

You should bathe in the evening before he comes and you should use body spray to impress him. You should give him hot tea and ask him sensually whether he likes to have dessert now. He may wonder what it is and you should ask him to come after a bathe so that he can get a visual treat. He will get the cue and he will get interested in you.

You should go near him when he is busy watching TV and you should take his hand and kiss it gently. You should lie on his chest and caress it and you should rub your cheek on his cheek. You should stroke the back of his neck and you should press your thigh on his thigh. You should massage his thighs and you should roll over his body and turn off the TV. Chances are high that he will undress you and have the sex with you.

Get Rid Of The Same Sexual Positions

Couples always play around with two sexual positions; missionary sex position, and rear entry sex position. There are some couples who may go with the woman-on-top sexual position.

You should communicate with your partner to change sexual positions. If you feel that your husband is shy in making changes, you should try to force changes without inhibiting him.

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Let him approach you in missionary sexual position. When he enters you, you should use your hands to rub his buttocks and backside of his chest. You should try to wrap your legs over his waist area and you should use one hand to caress his hair. You should kiss his lips and you should push him to the side slowly and make sure that his penis is inside your vagina. You should do sex in semi spoon position. It will give him necessary confidence to try new sexual positions.

Take Time Off From The Daily Routine And Enjoy Sex In Hotel

You can urge your husband to take leave from work and take a room in a hotel. You should enjoy each other without any inhibitions and you should make sure that you discuss only sex that day. You should keep on kissing him on various parts of body, and you should guide him to caress you. You should try spending weekends naked and you should go for shower sex and this will certainly make your husband interested in sex once again.

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