How to protect your child from the adverse effect of Internet

The world has become net-savvy and every small child can be seen talking in technical jargons. While you might be proud that your child has immense technical knowledge at a young age, don’t turn a blind eye to the adverse effects which net can have on your child. While there is no denying the fact that surfing the net can provide useful and educational information, don’t forget this also provides children access to information which should be forbidden in their age. Then how do you leverage the beneficial aspects of internet while minimizing their adverse effect?

As a parent, you need to keep a check on the sites your child is visiting. Providing freedom to children is good but always remember that they are in a tender age and access to undesirable content can be harmful for their development. Whatever be the reason- due to peer pressure, growing trend or even due to curiosity- there has been a growing rise in the number of children who access pornographic sites. In addition, there are also hawkish cyber squatters who are always in a hunt for susceptible children. Thus, as a parent, you need to keep a vigil on your child’s activities to prevent him from going astray. How to do achieve this without offending your child’s trust? First of all, always guide your child on the prevalent dangers of online surfing to keep him on his guard. Keep computer in a common room and do not keep in the child’s room as this gives them an opportunity to surf whatever they want. In addition, computers can also affect the academic life of a person because if a child becomes attracted towards this whole concept of surfing, then he might neglect his studies and even his sleep. There are certain net-filtering softwares available like Net Nanny and Cyber Patrol which help you to restrict access to unwanted sites. Do not encourage your child to join various communities available on net. While some may be genuinely helpful, there are many which promote irrational and unruly behavior among children. Follow these basic steps to ensure that your child grows up in a healthy and a positive way without going astray.

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