How to Prevent Travel Sickness


travelsickness As the name suggests, travel sickness is a problem in which a person feels sick while traveling. Popularly known as motion sickness, this problem leads to nausea, vomiting, headache, instability, and confusion amongst others. This article will provide some tips which can help you to prevent travel sickness.

Travel sickness happens when your brain is unable to properly understand the travel sensations. This in turn is a result of your brain receiving different signals from your eyes and inner ear. Looking outside the vehicle while traveling helps in preventing travel sickness. This is because when you look outside at the moving visuals, your inner ear and eyes send a balanced signal to your brain.

The jerky movement and bumps experienced during travel can also lead to motion sickness. Thus, when you are traveling, you should try to take a seat which has the least jerks. Also, you should choose a forward facing window rather than a side facing one.

The more you think about your fear, the more it will trouble you. Thus, try to remain calm and relaxed before and during your travel. Deep breathing exercises are beneficial and so are other de-stressing techniques. Also, people who suffer from travel sickness should avoid watching TV or reading books during the journey.

Before traveling, you must keep yourself light. You should neither starve yourself nor overstuff yourself. Have a light meal and avoid fatty and oily food items.

People who experience lightheadedness and nausea during travel can try out peppermint tea. This tea helps in soothing the abdominal region and thereby prevents nausea. Similarly, ginger tea too helps.

Along with the above given tips, you should also try to get some fresh air if possible. For instance, if you are traveling by car, then you can halt frequently for some time, get out of the car and get some fresh air.

Follow the above given tips to prevent travel or motion sickness.

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